Hague Justice Week 5 – 9 June 2023

How is increasing access to justice making an impact at the local, national, and international levels?


Dialogue with African Chief Justices

International Court of Justice, PCIJ, ICC

05, 09 Jun

How to achieve environmental justice?

Just Peace Movie Night & HagueTalks

05 Jun

21 years of the ICC –  what challenges do journalists face in reporting justice?

HagueTalks hybrid event, Beeld & Geluid

06 Jun

Is there room for a rainbow in Asia?

HagueTalks hybrid event, Beeld en Geluid

06 Jun

Why having more women judges benefits all of society?

HagueTalks hybrid event, Haagse lobby

06 Jun

Mayor’s Reception and UNDP office opening

Atrium City Hall

06 Jun

How can rule of law sustain democracy and peace? 

HagueTalks hybrid event, Beeld & Geluid

07 Jun

Strengthening the role of women as change agents for justice

Women’s lunch, restaurant Luden

07 Jun

Justice at work: An opportunity to view the Spanish language X Edition ICC Moot Court final

Ibero-American Institute, International Criminal Court

07 Jun

Customary and informal pathways to transitional justice

Expert consultation, International Development Law Org.

07 Jun

Addressing Refugees and Forced Displacement

Symposium, The Hague Humanity Hub

07 Jun

X Ibero-American Week of International Justice

Speakers Corner of the Hague University

08 Jun

How can people-centered justice help achieve SDG 16.3?

HagueTalks hybrid event in Beeld & Geluid

08 Jun

People Centred Justice – achieving impact at scale

The Hague Inst. for Innov. of Law, The Hague Humanity Hub

08 Jun

How to strengthen accountability and justice at the local, national, and international level?

Hague Project Peace and Justice, Museum Panorama Mesdag

08 Jun

The Fifth Asia-Pacific Forum of the International Criminal Court

Hague Project Peace and Justice, International Criminal Court

09 Jun

Protecting Digital Rights in the Morgenstond

Participatory Exhibition, Pand ZuidWest

09 Jun

HagueTalks Podcast

Discussions with HJW23 special quests

20 Jun - 25 Jul


A Peace and Justice exhibition of international cartoons

Freedom of speech is a fundamental principle of democracy. The Cartoon Movement presents the exhibition at the Hague Town Hall.
As part of co-hosting #SummitForDemocracy, the Netherlands hold an online debate on press freedom.


A legacy built over centuries, this is why we know The Hague as the international city of peace and justice

The Hague is well known as the international city of peace and justice. But how did this small seaside town become the world’s legal capital? Was it just luck, or a series on events and decisions that made The Hague the place that everyone turns to, when law justice and accountability are being discussed? … read more

Peace Palace the Hague - Hague Justice Week events 2023